Reksep's Shipyard

Strengths: Fast

Weaknesses: Low integrity (mini bat)

Description: This ship is very quick and can dish out quite a bit of damage with its three 30mm's. It's best against missile ships but can hold it's own against lightly armored ships if you keep dodging. The biggest problem is that it tends to get it's mini bat shot off and you lose your propulsion. A pretty good ship overall.

Strengths: Focused weapons

Weaknesses: Weak inner modules, requires good aim

Description: There are two basic layouts for weaponry. You can line up all the modules in a row so that a hit does a lot of damage or you can spread them out to have a better chance of scoring a hit. This ship is uses the first layout. One hit will do 1200 damage to the module that it hits, meaning you will almost always destroy anything you hit. It will cut through any many types of armor very quickly and can easily cripple or destroy an unarmored ship in one hit. The biggest problem is that it's reactors and batteries only have 500 integrity each, so even a glancing hit from a dual cannon ship will disable it.

Strengths: Rapid fire

Weaknesses: Weak weapons

Description: If you wire two 10mm's to the "f" key and one more 10mm to each of the other keys, then stagger the firing you can chain your shots together to make a constant stream of fire. It doesn't do very much damage, but it doesn't require much aiming, either.

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