Reksep's Shipyard

Strengths: Powerful weapon(infinite beam), fairly fast

Weaknesses: Beam is vulnerable to cannon fire

Description: This is probably one of my best ships. I use it quite often and haven't made any major changes in design for a long time. Tried moving the beam towards the back to prevent it from getting blown off but it screwed up the layout of the ship. Recently I've been playing with it more and experimenting with different styles of fighting for use against cannon ships.

Strengths: Devastating weapon(160 damage per cycle!)

Weaknesses: Overheating, slow and large

Description: This is a really deadly ship. It tears right through targets very quickly even if they have heavy armor. It's also a big ship though, so most beware of cannons!

Strengths: Good weapons

Weakness: Overheating, power requirements

Description: This was an attempt to make a ship that beam ship that could stand up to cannons by using ion cannons. I never had to much success with it due to it's tendency to overheat. There's a possibility I will go through and revamp this ship to make it more effective.

Strengths: Strong against cannons, fast

Weaknesses: Short range weapons

Description: Although ion cannons are short ranged, they have the ability to block incoming fire. This ship does very well against cannon ships since it can block their shots and even do damage to the other ship by making them explode to close. It's short range makes it a hard ship to use, though.

Strengths: Very fast fire rate

Weaknesses: Low battery life

Description: Like the ship above, this ship uses all ion cannons. The reserve battery on this ship allows the ship to use all six ion cannons. The advantage is that you get an incredibly high fire rate, but the disadvantage is that the fire rate only lasts as long as your reserve battery does.

Strengths: Most powerful weapon in the game

Weakness: Short range, massive power requirements, overheating

Description: Mega-watt lasers are the most powerful weapon in the game(the most powerful, not necessarily the best). They do huge amounts of damage but it is hard to hit your opponents and even harder to keep the beam going for more than a few cycles. This is a fairly decent mega-watt ship. I have never used this weapon much so you might want to look elsewhere for good mega-watt designs.

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