Reksep's Shipyard

Strengths: Defensive weapon, fast

Weaknesses: Mini-bat

Description: This is a great ship to use against cannon ships. It can block their fire with it's ion cloud and return fire with it's 30mm's while the cannons are reloading. The biggest problem is that the mini bat get's shot off a lot leaving you without the use of your ion cloud. I tend to shoot down my own cloud sometimes when I'm not being careful, so make sure you don't do that.

Strengths: Long and short range weapons

Weaknesses: Mini bat destroyed easily

Description: The weapon setup on the ship is one of the best I have ever made. I use full size missiles since I prefer the longer range, but mini-missiles are an option too. For best results, tenderize with a generous missile salvo, bake for 30 minutes using A-grade cannon plasma, and serve hot. Makes 10 servings. (CAUTION: EATING THIS PRODUCT MAY RESULT IN BROKEN TEETH, PARALYSIS, AND DEATH)

Strengths: Powerful weapons

Weaknesses: Weak armor

Description: You can substitute 30mm's for missiles and come out with another great weapon combination. Very versatile ship. Highly recommended. Watch out for ships with sniper (20 or 30 milimeters lined up) ships.

Strengths: Very powerful weapons

Weaknesses: Slow as sin

Description: Even though it is a very new ship, it has proven quite effective in combat. Torpedos can be used to either cripple a target form a distance or distract it while you attack with the heavy cannon. Watch out for fast ships that can lead your own torpedo back into your ship.

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