Reksep's Shipyard

Strengths: Fast, decent armor

Weaknesses: Not many

Description: This is one of the solidest ships I've ever built. All the vitals of the ship have 1000 integrity, the armor is pretty strong, and it has good weapons. The only real problem with this ship is that it's a little bit on the big side. Other than that, this is a great dual cannon ship that I fly pretty often.

Strengths: Good repair rate

Weaknesses: No armor

I built this ship when 1.0.9 was released and the crew cabin repair rate was changed to 10. I put as few modules on this ship as possible and left off all the armor so that it wouldn't waste time repairing truss. Any minor damage is repaired pretty quickly and even heavier damage can be repaired if you can keep from getting hit for a minute or two. It will be much more effective if there is a way to repair specific modules in the next version.

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