Reksep's Shipyard

Strengths: Very fast

Weaknesses: Low power weapons

Description: Others players will have a very hard time hitting you in this ship if you don't stay still. It is best to keep dodging or just stay out of range when fighting heavier ships and slowly eat away at them. You'll be the eating for a while though, since you only have four 10mms to work with.

Strengths: Fast

Weaknesses: Wide front end

Description: This is a pretty fast ship that is more heavily armed then the one above. It's weapons are spread out, so it will be easy to hit people, but the wide front end makes you a huge target and cannons will tear you apart if the get in range.

Strengths: Effective weapon

Weakness: slow, slow turning, little armor, power shortage

Description: With eight 10mms lined up you can do 960 damage in one hit to one module. This will almost take out any module, and can cut through truss pretty quick. The bad news is that that's the only good part of this ship. It's slow, weak, short on generators... you get the picture. Better to just buy the expansion pack and make one using 20 or 30 milimeter cannons.

Strengths: Small

Weaknesses: Everything else

Description: The only reason I made this was I wanted to see what the cheapest ship in the game would be. It cost just over 20,000. The only reason I can think of why you would want to use this ship would be to play a juggernaut game. One person is in a 100,000 ship and all the others are in tiny 20,000 ships like this one (maybe have a 10mm instead of the machine gun). The goal if you are the juggernaut is to see how long you can survive before the finally kill you.

Strengths: Good armor, reversible

Weaknesses: Cannons

Description: This is a very innovative ship that is armed with six 10mm cannons. It is also reversible, so use that to your full advantage. Stay away and pound them with your 10mms until they go down. Two cannons hits will reduce this ship to debris rather quickly, so watch out. This ship was designed by Dominusdomini.

Strengths: Good armor, fast

Weaknesses: Low health modules

Description: Instead of being reversible, this one has more armor. It is also fast, since it doesn't weigh much and it has 3 Xenons. Keep outside cannon range if you can, since they can tear you apart rather quickly. This ship was designed by Dominusdomini.

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