Reksep's Shipyard

Strengths: Heavy weapons

Weaknesses: Heavy ship (slow)

Description: It's hard to see because of the truss, but there is a light cannon attached to the RTG's on the sides. The heavy cannon can take down bigger ships while the light cannons will accel against the smaller, faster ones.

Strengths: Small ship

Weaknesses: Weak weapons

Description: Although it has a quite a few weapons(three 10mms and two LCs), none of them are very strong. It is also rather hard to hit, but it doesn't have much armor and it's pretty weak, so getting hit will hurt a lot. All in all, it's a slightly below average ship. If you're looking for a challenge, give it a try.

Strengths: Weapons compatibility

Weaknesses: No armor

Description: This is an awesome ship to use. I have a better version of it in the expansion shipyard, but I figured I would make a version of it for guests to use. It's not quite as good, but the concept is the same. Stay at a distance and pound ships with your missiles, use your cannon if they get close or to finish them off.

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