Reksep's Shipyard

Creating ships that are effective and strong can be very challenging and takes a long time to master. I made this section for people who are looking for some advice on building. You can look around and hopefully learn a few things that will make you a better builder.

If you don't already know how to build ships, check the official website for the Astrobattle Tutorial.

Watch the weight of your ship. It's right below the cost of the ship, in case you didn't know. The weight of a ship affects it's speed, acceleration, and turning. A heavy ship moves and turns slower than a lighter one. If you're trying to make a fast ship, make sure to use lightweight modules so that it isn't slowed down by it's own weight.

Fighter cockpits are almost always better than crew cabins. Crew cabins are stronger and they repair much faster, but it costs an extra 2500 and weighs 12000. You'll probably end up with a much slower ship than if you had used a fighter cockpit, and the repair rate won't do you much good unless you only have 5 or 6 modules.

Never leave your cockpit exposed to fire. There are people out there who will see that and aim for your bridge(I'm one of them). Certain 30mm ships can destroy you in one hit if you don't protect your bridge. Always try to have several modules or some armor in front of your cockpit. You can even build you ship and then hook the cockpit onto the back of it!

The farther from the center of a ship your m-thrusters are, the faster they turn the ship. Move them closer or farther from the ends to make your ship turn faster or slower. Think about which direction the thrust will be pushing the ship, and wire them so that they work together, not against each other.

You don't always need four m-thrusters on a ship. If it weighs under 15000 you can probably get by with just two thrusters. However, If you want to be able to turn very quickly or your ship is very heavy, stick with four.

Need a little speed boost? Try slapping one more xeon thruster on your ship. They only cost 4500, don't take much energy, and will give you quite a bit more thrust.

There are two main ways you can set up your weapons. You can place them close together so they all hit in the same spot or you can space them out so they cover a wider area. The first setup usually does more damage but the second will hit more often. Try making ships with both setups and see which one you like more.

Don't put your weapons out on long branches of truss. A piece of truss in the middle usually gets shot off and leaves you without any weapons. If you want your weapons to cover a very broad area, try slanting the weapons with truss so they shoot at an angle.

It is important to place your missiles wisely. Cramming them right next to each other will send out a big brick of missiles. Most of the time they won't all hit the target since the first one to touch the ship blows up all the others before they can hit. Stagger your missiles when you shoot them or tilt the launchers so that they arc in from different sides.

Thinner ships generally do a lot better than big wide ones. A thin ship is very hard to hit with HC's, but a wide one is quite easy. A wide ship can mean that a shot that would have flown right past a smaller ship will hit you instead.

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