Reksep's Shipyard
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If you're looking for some limited defense against cannons, but you still want your armor to stand up against kinetic weapons, this type of armor should be right for you. The distance it covers lessens the damage that you take from cannons since they explode farther out, and it can take a lot of abuse from other weapons. Start by building a large triangle of truss attached to the sides of your ship(that means two seperate pieces that meet). Then layer more truss on top of those. It is a very solid setup and will help lessen/prevent damage from most types of weapons.

When you're trying to pack in lots of armor but keep your ship small, try using the triangle truss to armor you ship. You can link them together in chains and create pretty strong armor that doesn't take much space. It is also very easy to attach, so you can attach your armor in many places,(see arrows) making it much harder to destroy. It also looks pretty sweet, so if you like to make your ships look cool, experiment around to find a design that you like.

The strongest and smallest armor out there is made from the sliver truss. That little tiny wedge has 750 integrity and barely takes up any space. You can layer these wedges on your ship and still keep it very small. The way I usually build my armor(since the wedge only has two attachment points) is to create a skeleton out of block truss. Then I pile as many wedges onto it as I can. It's not pretty, but you'll take a huge amount of abuse before you die. If you don't have enough to build a full layer, you can line the outside of your armor in wedges for some added strength and a cool sawtooth look.

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