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Designing good armor can be one of the hardest parts about building a ship. Good armor will often determine whether or not you win a battle. Poorly designed armor will come apart quickly under fire, so you must learn to create armor that is effective and doesn't come apart.

There is no actual armor in the game yet, so the best you can do is to cover your ship with truss. It is important to remember that truss does NOT stop splash damage. A heavy cannon's damage will go right through truss and hit the important parts of your ship. Some people build ships that have a layer truss so far out that the blast doesn't reach the important parts of your ship, but I don't use this technique much. I find that it just makes you an bigger target, it doesn't last very long, and it isn't any good against kintec weapons, since they tend to cut chunks of it off. The rest of this section will explain ways to armor your ship against kinetic and beam weapons, but keep your ship small at the same time so you can dodge cannons.

A very important thing to remember is where you need armor the most. Your going to be taking fire from the front or sides 99% of the time. Put the heaviest armor on the front of your ship, but don't skimp on your side armor either. Once in a while, lag or an ambush will give someone a shot at your back, but it's generally not worth it to waste money putting armor back there.

It's a myth that long truss make good armor. They don't. Long truss are good for sticking something a long ways out from your ship, but not for armoring it. Instead of using long truss, use block truss, triangle truss, or sliver truss. If you use three block truss instead of a long truss, it will cost a bit more, but there will three areas that each have 750 integrity, instead of just one. You end up with a total of 2250 integrity, but it takes up the same amount of space. Also, long truss are so big and bulky that your armor becomes really big really quick, making you a cannon magnet.

Another important concept is to learn to armor your armor. What I mean by this is to reinforce any weak spots or important links in your armor. A ship that has strong forward armor connected to the ship by a couple truss is in danger of having the connecting truss shot off and losing all of it's armor. Covering the connecting truss makes it harder for an opponent to take off all your armor with a few hits.

When you add more layers of truss to protect the ones underneath, makes sure to attach each piece to the lower layer of armor instead of making a long piece of truss and attaching it to one spot. That way your outer layers of armor won't break off the way your inner ones would.

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