Reksep's Shipyard

Hey everyone! Welcome to my shipyard. Feel free to look around.

In the shipyards you can find ships with and without expansion pack modules, depending on which shipyard you visit, that I have built for other players to use. You can go right ahead and copy ships or parts of ships that you like for use in the cube. Please do not take them and use them on a different website.

The database holds a few of the keys to becoming a master shipbuilder. If your searching for advice on how to build your own ship, that's the spot to look.

If you need to contact me with questions or ships you would like me to add, visit the contact section and drop me a line.

Thanks to Scott for letting me use a bunch of Astrobattle images on this site, as well as for creating the game and continuing to work on it!

Another thanks to Dominusdomini for sharing his awesome designs! Be sure to check them out in the standard shipyard!

*NEW*-THE ALPHA HAS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED! Check out the news section for information and a link to the download.

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